I will be producing videos and radio clips during this term of study, this is the best place to share my work, but they might not be the best ones.



News Package Production: Thousands of Medical workers rallied against NHS Reform Bill 

March 22, 2012

The reason why I was so passionate about the issue of 63-year-old National Health Service in UK, simply because I was dissatisfied with the medical service provided on campus. As a strong believer of public service, the NHS bill seems to be very controversial, especially when it comes to the issue of privatization. Initially, I wanted to participate the “Save our NHS” rally on March 7 no matter what, so I have decided to shoot on this topic. My initial idea was to catch a local angle, I contacted the Trade Union Congress and some other Royal Colleges to see whether there were volunteers or activists available for interviews. Then I moved on to looking for some experts like doctors or public health professors. Finally I got all interviews and footages on March 7. The most difficult part was to select the most dramatic part of the 2-hour rally.

News Package Production: Scrap Metal Dealer restored devastated War Memorial in Sutton

February 18, 2012

My assignment for the Video Online Production course was to produce a 90 sec news package about scrap metal theft. I researched online news appeared on BBC, to initially got an idea what was happening. Then I narrowed my area of research to an area called Southwark, I called five to six scrapyard dealers around that area but all turned down my request for shooting. I also called the Newham London Borough Council, I talked to the press officer requesting for a statement or probably an interview with the councilor, he unfortunately turned down my requests, saying that “scrap metal theft isn’t our council first priority as we have received many media requests about Olympics”.  This wasn’t easy. I was then luckily got an interview with Noel from Mobile Scrap Metal, his scrapyard is located around Camden Road station. I was accompanied with my friend Karim travelling there with our camera equipments on Feb 11. I planned to shoot another park statue being stolen at Bermondsey but I couldn’t locate the statue.

Eventually, I searched online I found an article saying that a scrap metal dealer recently paid for $200,000 pounds for restoring the damaged war memorial in Carshalton. I went there with the camera 550D, I didn’t carry my tripod because of inconvenience. It took around 2.5 hours to get there from Uxbridge, where I am based. After shooting, I wrote my script then went to a radio studio to record the voiceover. Finally I gathered all relevant images and footages together, I edited the film using Adobe Final Cut Pro. In the process, I experienced difficulties in exporting the file and uploading it on YouTube. But yes, at least I made it in the end.

Radio Editing: Piling up of Rubbish over Christmas in Milton Keynes 

January 16, 2012

This is my first attempt in editing the news video, which is in the format of National Training Council for Journalists. The raw material was 8 minutes, I am required to edit to 60-90 seconds. I used iMovie for editing, learnt splitting the audio and video for the first time by myself, great discovery!


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