Occupy London #Global Noise: Wake up call for revolutionaries?

Occupiers were evicted finally, both in Wall Street and London. Is this already the end? What has been achieved after occupiers physically “occupied” private properties and the streets? Many think the movement has failed because the occupiers do not have specific demands, and obviously they are now gone.

Where are the occupiers now? Personally I have talked to some occupiers, in general, they oppose the entire world system at present. They are tempted to isolate themselves from the status quo. Some of them refuse to get a paid job to sustain their living. How could you earn your living without a job in London? “There are lots of ways to live without money, like squatting and sharing food,” one anonymous occupier said.

This month marks the first anniversary of Occupy London. One year ago, hundreds of tents were setup in front of St Paul’s Cathedral and Finsbury Square, the public area gradually became homes of protesters, they setup their own management team in preparing food, fixing technologies, organizing events, dealing with the press…. They have formed their own community, together, they share the same idea of “shutting down the 1%”, meaning to kick out the existing government, bankers and capitalists. Anti-capitalism is the core theme of the occupy movement, the eurozone crisis initially sparkled the occupy wall street in September 2012.

Occupiers marched on the Global Noise Day (October 13). Photo courtesy: Indymedia.

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