Queenie S. T. Man

Taken in Shangri-la with Tibetan costume during summer 2011.

True, I am not simply another blogger online.

I strongly believe in online platform as a medium of exchanging and igniting ideas. The blog sets out to voice out my thoughts, acting as an input towards the digital pool of ideas, internet. The more ideas out there, the higher the chances are the better system and policy can be transformed, collaboratively.

Originally from Hong Kong, Queenie S T Man is my full name, sometimes I use Sophie as my middle name. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, a former British colony which is now part of China. I have a solid two years experience in lifestyle journalism, writing about travel, dining, fashion, art/culture, current issues, advertorials. Previously I wrote mainly in Chinese, and currently I am adapting a significant change in writing English, which is a global language can be comprehended by people from at least 190 countries.

I have spent over 6 months in Beijing and currently I am studying Master’s degree in International Journalism in London, UK. I simply love the word “International” which implies global vision, I am also interested into International relations and International political economy. I consider myself as a global changer. I believe that I can use my journalistic talents in giving impact to some parts of the world. So far, the postgraduate course has led me to an in-depth reflection on democratic media systems, global news agencies, global occupy movement and the ongoing Eurozone financial crisis.

I started blogging ever since I was 15. I could still remember the old days, I updated my blog using Microsoft FrontPage, typing HTML codes. Right now, I could see a significant blogging phenomenon – but the micro-blogging trend goes up much faster, with the invention of Mobile Apps, you can read this blog on your phone, or even share the link of this website on Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Digg…. as many Web 2.0 platforms you name it.

Personal educational background and journalistic experience can be found on my CV

Download PDF version of my CV

Testimonies & Recommendations

Being dedicated into journalism, I receive some feedback and recommendations from third parties, including university lecturers and employers.

Ms Man excelled in her journalistic tasks during her employment with Sing Pao Daily Newspaper. She is highly devoted into the assignments and executed according to what was assigned by the editors. She is always willing to learn, responsible and diligent. Her pleasant personality was also well received by the colleagues. With her devotion in journalism, I have no doubt saying that she will be a highly potential and outstanding journalist in the future.

Ngai kai-kong, Editor-in-chief, Sing Pao Daily Newspaper 

Ms Man is an intelligent individual with a strong sense of responsibility. She impressed me from the very beginning as someone who is serious about her future. She has never hesitated to raise questions should she spot one. Her English proficiency is truly impressive. She is always one of the few undergraduates to ask meaningful questions and/or provide insightful comments for distinguished speakers from overseas in various forums organized by the School. As a natural born pro activist, she deals with pressure and complex tasks well and is always ready to take up new challenges and perspectives.

Dr Jay Chang, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University 


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